How to Use an Ozone Machine in Ten Minutes

From odor removal to mold killing, car sales to water purity, the uses of ozone are far reaching and varied. Most of the private use of ozone is involved in a process known as ozone shock, where an enclosed space is exposed to a large amount of ozone over a short period of time. There are many different variations of machines on the market that will do this job, but their functioning, childcare while relatively simple, does require some effort as well as the knowledge of how the machine works and how to set it up. This article should provide all one needs to know to properly perform an ozone shock treatment.

The first thing one needs to do is rather plain to see: get an ozone machine. Renting a machine is an option through online sources as well as local suppliers and is perfect for a one-time job. However, for anyone repeatedly cleaning a workout room or smoking den, commercially selling cars, or doing anything else where habitual cleanup and odor removal is a possibility, owning one’s own machine is a sound investment.

Ozone machines are labeled based upon their ozone milligram-per-hour output. The higher the number the better the machine, but this is more than just speed. Ozone (O3) ozonepurity decomposes into standard air in about a half an hour (O2), so running a 2,000 mg/h machine for two hours is not equivalent to running a 4,000 mg/h machine for one. Generally speaking, if the odor is bad and/or the space is large, the larger machines are more suited for the job.

Once one has an ozone machine, one must prepare the space. In a room, minebook this means removing all living things that aren’t supposed to die (i.e. potted-plants, pets, neighbors) as well as destroying the odor source as best as possible. This means pouring bleach onto mold, removing ashtrays, etc. In a car this means cleaning the whole vehicle as best as possible. Next, the space should be sealed. This means closing all doors, windows, vents and anything else leading to the outside world. This is so the ozone will not dissipate while it is still supposed to be cleaning. However, some air must be allowed to reach the machine because the vast majority produce ozone by converting regular air into ozone (if the machine has a connected tank of pure oxygen, nahls which should be obvious, an air source is unnecessary). This can be done in one of two ways: either by providing some way for regular air to get into the area to fuel the machine or by placing the device outside the space and pumping the ozone into it by way of a duct. The latter is especially good for vehicles and other tight spaces.

Once all the preparation has been completed, turn on the machine to full power. The larger the space, the worse the smell, the longer the machine should stay on. Here, though, it is important to remember that ozone is a pollutant, so don’t go overboard on how long the machine is left on. In this same spirit, if the area cannot be sealed very well, all people and pets should be evacuated from the immediate vicinity, powdervitamin or to be entirely safe, the whole house. All ozone machines have timers built in, so the area should be safe again about two hours after the machine has turned itself off. If the smell remains or the mold is not completely killed, rinse and repeat.

It should be noted that this process, though one of the best available, is not able to reach deep areas. Mold in walls will stay alive and urine soaked into and below hard-wood floors will remain noxious. However, if ozone cannot treat the smell, nothing will, so the perpetrator must be replaced.


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