I Ching “News Alert” on Sept 10, 2001

I’d like to share a personal story that illustrates for you what I call an I Ching “News Alert.” The I Ching is a 3,000-year-old oracle from China that psychologist, Carl Jung recognized as a tool for amplifying unconscious, intuitive wisdom. That still small voice within us all is overshadowed by noisy modern life. The I Ching amplifies our inner awareness and helps with hearing intuition.

You can form any question and locate the answer. Since the I Ching only speaks when spoken to, alternativehealthdirectory if I would benefit from a warning about something that is approaching, one of my questions may have to be overridden. That opportunity may be used to deliver an important warning. It’s like a News Alert or Breaking News Bulletin that overrides and replaces the planned broadcast with something both timely and important.

There is one illustration of the “News Alert” style I Ching reading that I won’t ever forget. Just before bed on September 10, 2001, jewishbulletin I asked a minor question about a project I was happily working on and received, to my surprise, an ill-fitting, clunker-feeling “News Alert” about some other issue altogether.

I had no idea what to expect on this final night before the New York terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 where thousands soon would die. The reading was Hexagram 36, “Darkening of the Light.”

This includes the image “the sun has sunk under the earth and is therefore darkened.” The name itself means, “Wounding of the bright,” and the Wilhelm translation worldofkink (I was using at the time) says that “a man of dark nature is in a position of authority and brings harm to wise and able men.”

These warnings disturbed and alerted me. They clearly did not relate to the project I was working on. The I Ching’s prediction of the great harm that a powerful, dark man could cause that would block out the sun and harm the innocent, only made sense the next morning when I witnessed, live on television, the second plane hitting the twin towers. “Oh, my God,I exclaimed, “so this is what the I Ching was preparing me for.”

I was, and I am still, grateful that the I Ching prepared me for this enormous psychic shock. I felt like I slept on alert that night and I spontaneously jumped out of bed and turned on the TV (extremely rare for me) vayajamones just in time to witness the unfolding events live.

I am grateful that the I Ching does, occasionally, override routine questions to provide timely warnings. I eventually adopted the process of asking a Zen Question, one with no content specified, before I ask any personal questions of my own. This alleviates the need for the News Alert interruptions by letting the I Ching speak first.

Beginning with a Zen Question also opens a door to valuable feedback that I would not know to ask about. Since I didn’t ask a specific question, I have to discover what the hints refer to.

I must say, wealth dna code that I am glad that if I were to ask the I Ching tomorrow about wearing my lovely green shirt-when there’s an avoidable car crash awaiting me a few hours later-that I would be alerted to some imminent danger and mentally prepared to retreatinstead of getting the fashion advice I originally asked for.

(Not that I couldn’t also use some fashion advice! But, only if I survive that avoidable car crash.) I chose that example since an I Ching reading once warned me of, ggongchiri and saved me from, certain death in a car crash. The “I Ching News Alert” forewarns and forearms.


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