Using A Blog To Grow Your Online Network Marketing Business

One of the greatest tools for building your online network marketing business is a blog. When deployed correctly, weebo your blog becomes the central hub for all of your online marketing activities.

The primary purpose of your blog is to brand you as a leader in the field of network marketing. The fact that you are utilizing a blog and providing value for your readers sets you apart from the majority of people involved in the MLM industry. As your readers return, they become more familiar with you, your ideas and your abilities to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

Your blog can also be used as a platform to introduce your products, services and business opportunity. It is important to remember that these things should be secondary to the personal branding. It will ultimately be your effectiveness in providing value as a leader that gives people the desire to want to participate with you in the company, products and services that you represent.

To make your blog as effective as it can be I want offer you some practical suggestions.

Start by choosing the most functional blogging platform available. I personally recommend that you use WordPress blog that is hosted with private hosting through a service such as HostGator (they allow unlimited blogs). WordPress is an open source platform that is highly customizable in appearance and functionality through the use of plugins. WordPress is also made very search engine friendly through the use of the “All In One SEO” plugin and the “Google XML” roidirectory plugin. Choose a theme that fits your style and personality. A good theme will also incorporate social media components for services like Facebook and Twitter.

Create content on a regular basis. No less than once per week and ideally 3-4 times per week. Your content, whether written or video should be keyword based for the greates search engine relevance. Keep your written content to approximately 400-700 words in length. Feel free to share not only helpful information, livewebdir but also share your thoughts and ideas as they help your readers get to know you on a more personal level.

Create a lead capture form for each post. With each post be sure to include an autoresponder response form. These are most effective with the use of some type of incentive. This may be a helpful report, huntingtime training video or some other offer of related content.

Each time you make a post to your blog broadcast that post to your social media pages. At the very minimum a notification of your new posts should be sent to Facebook and Twitter. There are plugins in WordPress that will automate this process for you. You will also want to utilize the sharing features of WordPress so that your readers can share your content with their social networks as well. In addition to your social media broadcast you will want to ping the major blog directories to notify them of your new content. This is best accomplished through services such as ping-o-matic and pingmyblog.

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